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Blood of the Gods (The Vampire from Hell #5)

Rayea has been missing a year and presumed dead. In the fifth installment of the Vampire from Hell series, it’s open season on the Ancient Council. Angels and gods alike are being systematically wiped out. Only one person can save them, the vampire from Hell, but how can Rayea do that when she doesn’t recall who she is and none of her friends can find her?

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Newly released is the Zombie anthology, Darlings of Decay and I’m excited about its release because I have an excerpt included in the ebook called “Zombie Wolf: The Next Generation.”

Spin-off to The Vampire from Hell series

If you are a fan of my series, The Vampire from Hell you may want to read this short story. It is set in the year 3015 A.D. featuring a werewolf who was born with a blood virus. His mother is a vampire from Hell and his father is a hellhound turned werewolf. Sound familiar?

Meet Zachary, the Zombie Wolf.

I thought it would be fun to set a story around a child of Rayea and Blick’s. This is assuming that they actually get together, are married at some point, and live happily ever after with a son (if it occurs in that order). It’s a possibility for where the Vampire from Hell series may be headed. But it’s just a possibility.

What is the story “Zombie Wolf: The Next Generation” about?

At twenty-four Zachary has been through many zombie outbreaks and knows how to stay alive. He’s been so good at killing zombies for so many years that he makes a living at it. He claims it’s the reason he has the nickname the ‘Zombie Wolf,’ even though he knows that’s not the case.

With time and space travel being as common as the Internet and cell phones, Zachary and his team travel often to kill zombies and rid the solar system of total infestation. Now in the year 3015 A.D., more sightings of zombies are being reported on Planet Earth, but no one knows how to kill these snake-like creatures. Zachary’s destiny unfolds when he comes face to face with the next generation of zombie and an innocent bystander gets bitten. He considers killing the attractive girl because she’s as good as dead anyways. But when he sees she has a werewolf mark, same as what he has, he knows he must save her.

Cover by Damon Za at

Cover by Damon Za at

You can read Zombie Wolf (the short story) in Darlings of Decay. It is FREE at Smashwords | Live at Amazon

“Darlings of Decay (Zombie Stories From Your Favorite Zombie Authors)” went live this week.

From anthology coordinator and Zombie author, Kristen Middleton, “This anthology will be free on Smashwords starting Monday! It’ll be available on Amazon for a price for a few weeks but will eventually be free there, too (and most other popular eBook sites). Over twenty female authors with chilling tales of death, decay, and a diligence to survive in a world overtaken by the dead. Watch for it!!!”

Here’s an Excerpt from “Zombie Wolf”:

“Zachary, this isn’t something you need to get involved in.  Just let it go.  I’ll call Containment.  We’ll act like it didn’t happen.  We don’t need this kind of trouble.”

Instantly I reacted.  My body went rigid.  She wasn’t going to be put down.  I owed it to my werewolf heritage to try to save her.  I had heard my mom’s version of my mom and dad’s romance.  Dad had never gone into details, but I knew what he had done to save my mom because she had told me.  I wasn’t anybody’s fool.  I decided to use some of my mom’s logic on my dad.

“Did you leave Mom in Hell to rot when she was turned into a vampire?  Did you?  A daughter of Satan?  When she drank Satan’s blood, you were there.  She told me.  You were there to see her change into a vampire.  That was not by accident.  You knew then who she really was, and how important she was.  She wasn’t evil like everyone thought, and you knew that.  You never doubted her even when she did.  Her exact words.  Over the years, you’ve done everything you can to save her.  Every time she has needed saving.  Mom told me!”

“Your mother is a writer.  She exaggerates,” my dad replied, rolling his eyes toward the ceiling.  “Who is this girl to you anyways, Zach?  You don’t even know her?”

“I get that.  I’m not an idiot.”  I tried to control my rage.  “I’m not sure, Dad.  But I felt it when I saw her in the coffee shop.  I don’t want to regret later that I could have done something, you know?  I don’t want to live alone, being the only freak of nature, a werewolf zombie even if it means I can walk among them undetected.  I don’t want that!  If I don’t try to save her, I won’t know.  Now will I?  What if she too was born with the new virus?  What if that makes her unique like me?”

“That would explain the mark.  Maybe she was born with the virus.  Who is her father or mother?  Your aunt?  This may be beyond your abilities, son.  I’m sorry.  We don’t save zombies.  We destroy them.  We have to stay on top of this situation before it gets worse among the vampires and werewolves.”

Cover design by Ally Thomas

Cover design by Ally Thomas

“It’s gotten worse, Dad.  It’s jumped species.  I know it.”

“Do you have proof,” he challenged.

I pointed to the girl in the cage.  “She’s a werewolf, Dad.  She told me so.”

Not believing me, he grunted.

Using his same logic, I rebelled.  He had to understand what he was saying.  Rules were meant to be bent sometimes, even broken.

“Before there were zombies,” I began.  “Werewolves used to kill vampires.  And yet, you didn’t kill Mom.  You were there to protect her.”  As best I could, I faced Dad head on.  I made a point to thrust my chin up and glare up at him like I had seen my mom doing on more than one occasion.  With his height, he had no problem looking down at me, but he had to know I wasn’t backing down.  I hadn’t backed down against Rex and the others, and I wasn’t backing down now.  As insane as it seemed, I wasn’t wrong about this.

Dad searched my face for many minutes.  The silence in the room thickened.  I could hear only the girl’s ragged breathing as she fought the poison.

Trying to remain calm, I refused to look away from my dad, glaring up at him.  I was ready to take on the world.  My god, I thought.  What has happened to me?  I turned my attention back to the girl.  She had slowly approached my side of the cage and stood near me, also glaring over my shoulder at my dad.  Her blonde hair was tousled amid her face, but I could see the distrust behind her eyes.  Even in her chaotic state, she looked adorable.

In typical parent fashion, my dad reached out his hand and rubbed his fingers through my black hair, somewhat shaking my entire body.  He was unbelievably strong.  He did that dismissal move on me when he wanted me to know that, for now, he was tabling the situation.  I knew it wasn’t over.

“We’ll have to address this if your experiment doesn’t work.  Okay?” he asked.

“Yes, sir,” I replied.

Finally he patted me on the shoulder.  “I forget how stubborn, like your mother, you are.”  He chuckled and walked to the door.

Realizing I had gotten my way and he was leaving me to my task, I watched as he lingered at the door.  “You know,” he said.  “You are the son of a vampire with healing blood.  Maybe that can help.”


Zachary’s Parents

If you can guess who Zachary’s parents are, leave a comment on this article 😀

The Vampire from Hell Returns (Part 4) Update

Work on the next installment in the Vampire from Hell (Part 4) continues. A late summer release is still on the calendar. The reason I’m bringing it up is because Part 4 is going to have a cliffhanger ending.  I typically do this with most of my books. Read “Coming Soon.”


For some love begins in Hell…

I’m starting off a new YA paranormal romance series and the first part is FREE on Smashwords.

As work continues on the next installment in The Vampire from Hell series, I’m at the keyboard typing away. While I’m getting back into writing after struggling with writer’s block and a few other demons over this past year, I’m again writing.


As an Indie author, I want to explore various genres and various ways of writing. Currently I’m experimenting with creating a paranormal romance series. The response to Fanged Love hasn’t been that great, so I’m working on other ideas. Fanged Love is still FREE, but I’m not sure at the moment if there will be a follow up installment. It’s on hold, let’s say.

Two versions of a similar story

Around February of this year, I came up with a romance idea where a female werewolf is kidnapped by the father of a vampire. I’ve taken two versions of that same story idea and written the start of a Young Adult version called “Love Begins in Hell” while also creating a version for erotic romance as well. Please see “Interesting Fact” below for details.

Both stories start similarly, despite character names and some beginning plot ideas being changed, but the next installments (Part 2) will go in completely different directions. I’m looking forward to seeing what interest I get in the two genres. Already “Virgin Moon” by Eva J. Thomas and Ally Thomas is getting a fair amount of notice. And I’ve had a blast writing in that genre. Writing YA was a much easier progression because it’s more inline with how I write for the Vampire from Hell series.

Tell Us About a Lower Price

Since “Love Begins in Hell” is a YA paranormal romance, I decided today to make it free on Smashwords. As you know I like to start off many of my series with the first part being free.

If you like the story, please help me get it free on Amazon too. Here is the Amazon link. All you have to do is go to the Amazon link, click the link at the bottom of the page named “Tell Us About a Lower Price,” fill out the form, and submit it. That should move it to being free on Amazon very soon. (The Free Smashwords link is above.)

About “Love Begins in Hell”

For some, love begins when you least expect it. For Elana, falling in love begins in Hell. When twenty-one-year-old Elana is kidnapped and finds herself in Hell of all places, she discovers something unique in her ancestry. She’s a werewolf and she’s fallen in love with someone unexpectedly Dante, the young demon who agrees to help her escape.

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Excerpt from “Love Begins in Hell (The Moon Journals: Part 1)

As the large figure came into view, I exited the closet, took aim and threw the first knife of several across the room. I stood behind the massive bed, using it as a bunker. This demon was not going to take me alive.

The figure grunted, slumping slightly to the ground.

I heard the weapon I had thrown at him fall to the floor.

My aim was bad and had not found the demon’s heart. I was at a great disadvantage. “You stay back, demon!” I shouted, hoping to sound far more threatening than I’m sure I appeared to be. “I’ve got more where that came from!” I was maybe one hundred pounds. Cold, scared, and weak from hunger, I was half of that I was sure. Or at least I felt like that. Adrenaline and self-preservation would have to see me through.

“Do your worst,” the tall figure announced. “However, I’d like to ask if I may turn on a few lights before you continue your attack. If you don’t mind?”

He mocked me, which should have infuriated me even more, but I held my position and watched as he illuminated the room. He flipped a few switches by the door frame, and the room took on a blue hue as if it had been bathed in the soft, gentle lights from beneath the sea.

I looked up at the ceiling just as the wooden beams filed away to two corners. “How did you do that?” I gasped, forgetting my defensive stance all together.

“I can’t handle fluorescent lighting, so I had these installed. Blue and green are my favorite colors actually, even though I wear a lot of black. Here let me show you one more thing. I just had this done.”

He raised his well-toned arm upwards and pressed a button at the top of the door frame.

I blinked my eyes several times, getting used to the various colors I saw forming on the ceiling. An image was being constructed.

The lighted design was magnificent and astounded me. A variety of shades of blue, green, and purple illuminated behind the picture of a fierce dragon. The dragon, with its head held high and proud, stood on a set of rocks jutting out from the edge of a cliff. A strong image of a strong creature preparing for battle. Why would a demon have such an image promoting such a great warrior animal like the dragon fashioned on the ceiling of his bedroom? It didn’t make sense.

“I’ve never seen anything like it. Is that you?”

“More or less. My friend, Orlando created it and installed it for me. I’m not really an admirer of art or paintings. I’m more interested in books, mythology really, but Orlando thought this would dress up my bedroom. I mainly like it for the quiet motivation it gives me. Each day is a test and it challenges me to focus on what is important. It helps me remember, despite everything, who I could one day become.”

“A dragon?” I blurted out. “Surely you don’t mean that. You’re a demon.” I had never heard of demons being shapeshifters. This guy had as much chance of shifting into a dragon as I did of shifting into a bar of chocolate.

Instantly he crossed the room towards me. He had his large hands wrapped around my elbows before I could grab another knife. I was pinned against his solid chest. The minute our eyes met, a bolt of lightning felt like it had ricocheted through my body. My eyes widened as he let me go and I wrapped my arms tightly around my body, so I wouldn’t fall. He staggered for a moment too as if he’d been hit by the same burst of energy.

The immediate recognition of a soul mate was something that did not occur outside the pack. It had to be a mistake. But was it? It felt so real. In that second, I re-evaluated my course of action.

“I’m not a demon. I’m a warrior,” he replied as he put some distance between us. “My mother is human, so I’m only half-demon.” He retreated to the table and sat down. He remained quiet for some time. Finally he added, “If you must know, I prefer to be called a warrior above all else.”

I thought about asking a second question like ‘Who kidnapped me?’ but I remained silent. It didn’t really matter as long as I found my sister and aunt, and we made it out. They had been missing for weeks. I had heard of a demon mating with a human and bearing a shape-shifting child, but I didn’t think it was possible. Just a myth. Werewolves were the only shapeshifters I knew of. My disbelief in his dragon warrior dream seemed to have gravely offended him, and I didn’t want to upset him again. Instead, I wanted to comfort him. Why would I want to do that? He was the enemy. I opted to be nice. My sassy attitude would get me nowhere with him.

“I like the ceiling painting,” I offered.

“Thank you. It’s very nice, isn’t it?”

“Do you have a name?” I abruptly stopped before I insulted him again.


I waited for him to ask my name. He studied the table instead.

“I’m Elana.”

“Elana.” He repeated my name slowly and carefully as if it was a foreign word he didn’t want to forget.

“Your name is very unique.” A few compliments couldn’t hurt. “What does Dante mean?”

“I’ve never thought to look it up. I don’t know.”

I watched as he drew a few curves and lines along the table, absent-mindedly tracing something. “If my memory serves me right, I think Dante means protector.”

He grunted.

Knowing I’d probably upset him again if I said it too loud, I mumbled under my breath as I attempted to process the realization. “Dante, the demon protector. Wasn’t that an oxymoron?”

“No, it isn’t,” he answered. “You forget. I have excellent hearing too. You don’t have to insult me. What does your name mean?”

I threw the second knife flew and watched as it slammed into the wooden table, a few inches from his hands.

He didn’t flinch one inch.

“Freedom,” I announced as I swiftly bent over to retrieve another knife lying on the bed.

“Well that’s good. Freedom for Elana. I like that.” There was a trace of laughter in his voice. He paused for a moment before he continued. “I’m sure you do too.” A few more moments of silence passed, then finally he said, “I know this is highly unorthodox, and you’re in an extremely frightening situation. But before we go any further, I want to put your mind at ease. I’m not interested in harming you. I know you are a werewolf and probably of great importance to your people. I’m going to try to get you out of here, but you’re going to have to trust me. It’s as simple as that. Do you think you can do that?” He yanked the knife from the table and with an ironically tender touch, he bent the blade into a slight arch, disabling it so it couldn’t be used for another but holding a bunch of grapes or large orange. I swallowed hard so my mouth wouldn’t fall open. This demon could kill me in an instant.

Suddenly a vision from my wolf state hit me. I recognized his voice. I’ll help you get out of here, but you’ve got to trust me. I closed my eyes and relived the moment again. Over and over again, that voice. A ripple of awareness surged through me. His voice was the same as the man who had come to me to console me in my agitated wolf state. It was deep, almost sensual, yet tranquil and protective. This demon before me had calmed me. “The wolf chant. That was you?”


“What did you say?”

He paused for a moment, digging his long nail into the wood of the table.  “You were very upset.”

“What did you say?”

“That’s not really important, is it?”

“I insist,” I replied with my polite tone I used when I wanted it to be known I expected to get what I sought.

He chuckled.  His laugh was low and throaty.  “I’ve seen pomp and circumstance from my father.  You don’t have to take that tone with me.  There is no need for us to be enemies.”

I attempted to soften my insistence.  “I’m sorry.  Please then.”

“Don’t apologize.  Let’s keep this on a level playing field.  I’ll treat you as an equal, and you treat me as one.  Okay?”

His confidence was infectious.  He didn’t have the disposition of a demon at all.  My aunt had said they were horrible creatures with no feeling, no remorse, and no compassion for others.

“Fair enough,” I whispered, only realizing a second later that I had not fully enunciated the words.  Clearly this young man had not kidnapped me so why was I in his presence?  Did he know who had kidnapped me?  Maybe he could lead me to the person?  Equals?  Why would he say we were equals?  My father, the Werewolf King, certainly didn’t think like that.  Dante’s words and actions of kindness and hospitality thoroughly confused me.  As a sign of good faith, I placed the weapons down before me on the bed, noticing in passing the letter ‘D’ carved into the blade of each knife.

“A beauty like no other.  So beautiful.  Calm yourself.  Calm yourself, my sweet.  I’m not going to let anyone hurt you.”

“I’m sorry?  What did you say?”

Dante repeated his words for my benefit.  “A beauty like no other.  So beautiful.  Calm yourself.  Calm yourself, my sweet.  I’m not going to let anyone hurt you.”

No demon would know how to practice Wolfen Magic,” I replied.  I observed his new nervousness.  His mood had shifted, and he refused to look at me as he continued to scratch at the table.

“I’m not a demon.  I’m a warrior.”  He glanced at the ceiling, looking again at the lighted design of the dragon.  “I thought we covered that?”  His tone was very gentle even though I saw the muscles in his jaw twitch a few times.

“Dante, the protector, it’s a pleasure to meet you.” I curtsied, trying to appear more of a lady than I felt as well as lighten the mood.


Who is Emily Meadows?

I had thought of releasing this story under a pen name, but I scrapped that idea recently and will be moving The Moon Journals series into the Ally camp which means I’ll be writing future installments under my name, “Ally Thomas”.

Interesting Fact:

VirginMoonETAT1_1600_2400Being a fantasy author, I’m new to writing romance and I’ve been playing around with various stories I’ve written this year (while releasing them under a couple of pen names), so there are two versions of this story live now: a Young Adult version (noted above) and an Erotic Romance version.

To learn more about the erotic romance version, go to Virgin Moon at Amazon. (Please note: You have to be 18 years or older to read Virgin Moon.)

I thought this would be a fun snippet to post from the upcoming “The Vampire from Hell Returns (The Vampire from Hell – Part 4)”. Can’t you tell my fangs are showing? 😀 Enjoy! Please note this may or may not be in the final release of the ebook/paperback.

EXCERPT from “The Vampire from Hell Returns

Coming Soon - The Vampire from Hell Returns (Part 4) by Ally Thomas

Click the image to see when Part 4 is planned for release.

If I could count the times I had woke up tied to a chair, I’d be a millionaire by now.  That’s where I found myself when I heard my sister, Stephanie hiss in my ear.

“It’s your welcome back party and you’re sleeping through it, sssister.”

Before I knew anything of my surroundings, I smacked my mouth open wide and loud, letting my fangs extend.  When I surged my head upwards, a sharp pain hit the back of my neck.  Something was around my neck.

“There she is,” Stephanie said.  “I hope you don’t mind.  I dressed you up for the festivities.  You look positively frightening.  The dog collar was my idea.”

I didn’t ask my sister what I was wearing.  I knew it was leather or latex or some super tight fitting monstrosity of an outfit.  It didn’t matter.  I didn’t have time to process everything going on.  I elected not to.  The faster I can get out of this chair, the faster I can get us free, I thought.  The only fact I noted was that I was tied to a wooden chair.  My sister or her minions had yet to put it together that maybe steel chairs would work better to constrain someone like me, instead of wooden ones.

When I saw Stephanie’s face leer before me, I made my move.  The chair snapped in half.  Moments later I was rising upwards and had my hands around my demon sister’s neck.  I didn’t let go.  Instead, I squeezed with all my might.


My writing on The Vampire from Hell Returns (Part 4) continues. I’m not talking about it or my other writing projects every single post because of other things going on, but I’m not done with the Vampire from Hell series yet. I do apologize for the massive wait, but it was either realize I can’t do everything at once or lose my mind. I opted for the first option instead.

If anyone wants to read Part 4 when it finally does come out, then that will be awesome! If they’d moved on to other authors and series, then that’s okay too.

I guess the reason I titled this article, “Creation of ‘The Vampire from Hell Returns Part 4’ Goes Underground” is because I’m deciding to be more secretive about the creation and release of this book. I always try to share as much information as I can for each book release and that gets me in trouble because I put too much pressure on myself and end up pushing the deadline out. Part 4 has been pushed 2 or 3 times now. I give up counting how many times. Real life keeps raising its ugly head and I have to deal with commitments and responsibilities there first.

Once of these days, I’ll be able to write full-time and my characters will decide my daily tasks and schedules 😀 I still am holding out for that dream.

If you’re a fan of Rayea’s, please keep the faith. The series isn’t over despite rumors I’m hearing. There will be more. But when? I’m not saying. Trust me, you’ll know when I release the next installment. It’ll be ALL I talk about online.

2-5-2013 3-58-27 PMCheck out my interview on “I Love Vampire” today. And if you like my books, share your thoughts at Comment on the post about my books? I’m being featured today on this site. If you like my books, share a comment on their facebook page please today. Thank you!


The week of Oct. 29th will be a busy week for me. It’ll be Release Week for my next book in the Vampire from Hell series. I’m calling the book “The Vampire from Hell Returns.” Also I have decided to keep the book’s cover under wraps until the book is launched and two of my writing friends have agreed to feature me on their blogs on Halloween, Oct. 31, 2012.

I’ll be appearing on Sallie Lundy-Frommer’s blog discussing the newly released “The Vampire from Hell Returns (Part 4)” in the Vampire from Hell series including the unveiling of Part 4’s new cover. Sallie is the author of “Yesterday’s Daughter.”

I’ll also be appearing on Catherine Wolffe’s blog to promote the newly released “The Vampire from Hell Returns (Part 4)” in the Vampire from Hell series. The new cover for Part 4 will be revealed there as well. Catherine is the author of the newly released, “The Lady in the Mist (The Western Werewolf’s Legend #1).” Read a free sample of her book here.

Read the newly released Preface for Part 4.