The Vampire from Hell Part 3

A Vampire On Vacation (The Vampire from Hell – Part 3

“Love Ally’s series Vampire from Hell. Ally your books keep me wanting more and I can’t wait till you next one!!!” ~Ravenzoe

“I really love how you put good detail. And in the beginning when Rayea was talking to herself, well arguing with the voice in her head. I thought that was funny, and very interesting. The book is great and I love it!” ~ILoveGir2Death

“This series gets better with each book! I hope Ally keeps writing more to this series, it’s a keeper :)” ~L. Krueger

“I loved this book. It had humor, romance and fun. It also has some tragedy and suspense. I can hardly wait for the next book in this series!!!” ~rosebud

“I love that Ally Thomas doesn’t just continue the tradition of recycling the usual story of a vampire- which authors have been doing since Stoker in 1897. This vampire was raised by Lucifer in Hell itself. Ally replaces the usual male lead character who has nothing but romance and blood on his mind, and instead she created a strong likeable female vampire that is bright, witty and completely loyal to her friends that she loves, whether in person or in a chat room. The characters are so vividly that they can become almost real inside your mind. And the storylines are written so well that each paragraph merges seamlessly into the next.” ~charlene L

“Once I started reading I couldn’t stop until the end. Ally Thomas is a truly talented writer and i look forward to reading her books in the future!!! :D” ~The Rev

“The first two books of the Vampire from Hell series was amazing and this one is no different. The author of these books does an awesome job of bringing her characters to life. I’m a very visual person and I can picture everything in my head as I read. Great job Ally.” ~Ravizee

“I love the book amazing read plz keep up the good work I am loving it I hope u keep getting good reviews and writing no matter what ppl.” ~gilson

“This is such an amazing series…nothing like what’s currently out there as far as vampire /supernatural genre…I really loved how Part 3 began…mainly because you never “hear” from the blood…pretty neat how the blood does control alot of what a vampire does…I especially love this series because it takes the Vampire thing to a different world…and I’m such a Egyptian God dork it’s neat to see how that all plays a role…especially how the present day “God” plays a role…again LOVE THIS SERIES AND CAN”T GET ENOUGH!!! September cannot come soon enough for the next part!!!” S. Schafer

“I downloaded this as soon as it became live today-and I think this is the best installment yet. It was refreshing to see another side to Rayea (and I loved the Grace/Death scenes)! I look forward to reading more from such a talented writer.” A. Anthony

“So ready for Halloween! Ms. Thomas has my attention as should she have everyone’s who reads these books!” – C. Brisco


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