The Vampire from Hell Part 2

A Vampire Among Angels (The Vampire from Hell – Part 2)

“I really enjoyed part 1 of this series, so I knew I would love part 2 as well. The characters are unique and so is the storyline. If you enjoy vampire stories, I think you will enjoy this one. And if you haven’t read part 1 yet, read it!” – Audrey

“I love this series! Ally Thomas is an amazing writer. This by far is one of my favorite vampire series! I can’t wait for part 3!” – Christina

“I love this book. It was an awesome read. I think Ally Thomas is a very good writer. Awesome twists and turns. I cant wait for book 3!!” – jprice

“This is one of the best series I’ve read on my kindle app. Ally is a very gifted writer and I can hardly wait to read what she will write next.” – Charles

“This story was wonderfully unique and extremely interesting. can’t wait to see what more the author has in store for us. :D” – L. Dianne

“I enjoyed reading ‘A Vampire Among Angels ‘ and I can’t wait to read even more from Ally Thomas. She is a great writer. I like reading books that are based around supernaturals and this one has a female vampire and a sexy Viking Angel in it, what more could you ask for. Keep writing, Ally and I will keep reading.” – Teresa

“This twist on the paranormal is great! The heroine is pretty well-adjusted, considering who her father is! Good story! The author’s ‘humanization’ of a couple of the characters worked for me! I admit it, my biggest complaint was that I wanted to keep reading when the story ended!” – Dianne

“What a new twist on the vampire and werewolf tale. Great new story with interesting twists. Strong heroine.” – Sailon

“Part 2 is awesome-I love the twist that makes this more than just a vampire book! Can’t wait for part 3,4…please say there are more to come!” – LoriC

“Just finished “A Vampire Among Angels” and totally loved it!!! It was the perfect addition to Rayea’s story… I can’t wait to see what is in store for her next. I’m also looking forward to learning more about Grace and Nathan. Thanks for these great stories and PLEASE keep writing!!” -Lisa

“Hi, I have just read you vampire from hell books and I just had to say they were amazing, also they are the first books I have ever read in my life and considering I’m 25 it’s been a hard thing for me to find a book to read, they were very enjoyable and your books have made me want to read more. Thank you for writing them and I hope you have another dream to write about lol.” -Chris

“I love your books! I can’t wait for more to come out! I keep looking for them! I think all of my friends are sick of hearing me quote stuff from your books! :D You are a really good writer! I enjoy reading your books immensely ! Keep writing and don’t let anyone tell you that your books are bad!” -Jemma

“Awesome book! Very imaginative but ya still can believe it! It has some twists and turns, some blood, and a lil bit of sex (which always makes a book better right? jk =P haha). But seriously I think Ally did an awesome job on this one. I loved the first one and waited for this one to come out and the only thing I am disapointed in is that it isnt longer lol.” – SqwkR

“Ally did an amazing job on this one as well as the first one. I love the story line. Im so tired of the “twilight type” vampires! Love it ally, keep em comin!!! :-)” – Anonymous

“This is a different twist on the usual vampire plots. I highly recommend this series & I cannot wait for the next book!” – Anonymous


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