The Cast

I’m a very visual person. As I started writing the Vampire from Hell series, I realized it would be helpful to have photos to inspire me. I selected various pictures of individuals to get my brain focused around possible facial and physical characteristics for my characters. It was my jumping point really. I used each as a starting point to think about what I would want each character to look like. Below you’ll find out more about those who inspired my characters. Click on each character’s name to learn more.

Character Spotlights

  • Blick

Please note that I’m building this list so some names may not have links yet. Stay tune for more.

The Vampire from Hell: The Beginning (PART 1)

Rayea: The oldest daughter of Satan, the family ‘misfit’-a good vampire, a rebel, likes humans.

Satan: A fallen angel who runs ‘the family business,’ which is to obtain world domination.

Blick: Rayea’s seven-foot hellhound who is her best friend.

Stephanie: Rayea’s evil sister, who is more like her father. The girls don’t get along.

Cedric: One of Satan’s hellhounds

Wally: One of Satan’s hellhounds

Mehen: The ancient snake goddess

A Vampire Among Angels: The Vampire from Hell (PART 2)

Rayea: The oldest daughter of Satan, the family ‘misfit.’ She’s a good vampire, a rebel, and likes humans. Her name is pronounced (RAY ah).

Blick: We learn Blick, who is Rayea’s seven foot hellhound, is actually Rayea’s guardian angel. She jokingly refers to him as ‘Papa’ when he fusses over her.

Death: Rayea’s ex-boyfriend who prefers wearing black leather outfits to Italian suits. His nickname for Rayea is “Ray.”

Michael: An archangel who is seven foot tall with long, sturdy Viking legs, flat stomach, and muscular arms. His nickname for Rayea is “Vampire.”

Stephanie: Rayea’s evil sister who is referred to as a Medusa look-alike.

Satan: With a dome-shaped head, pointy shark teeth, and scaly skin, Satan enjoys dressing in expensive clothing to hide his ugly looks.

The Supplement Lady: A lovely lady with long raven hair who wears a pendant that fascinates Rayea.

J: G’s son who has a confidence about him that Rayea admires.

The Twins: Two of Stephanie’s children.

G: A friendly celestial being who has a son named J.

Mehen: We learn that Satan worships this ancient snake goddess.

Ra: The Egyptian sun god who ruled supreme in the Fifth Dynasty.

  1. Vivian Friesen says:

    I loved Vampyre from Hell!! It was amazing! It almost make me cry when Blick was on torturing Rayea with her father. I swear i almost cried! I thought he betrayed her. Anyways i enjoyed totally the first book, i wish there was a way for me to keep the series but i’m from Colombia, South América and in here its kinda hard to get books nd stuffs like these. But you are a great writter, i will follow your histories as soon i can.
    Love from Colombia. Vivian.

    • ally thomas says:

      Hi Vivian,
      Thanks for the comment and your kind words! So glad you enjoyed reading Part 1. Blick did betray Rayea there at the end, didn’t he? You make an excellent point.

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