Upcoming Paranormal Romance by Ally Thomas #werewolves

Posted: May 10, 2014 in Uncategorized
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As the werewolf invasion continues, I have several writing projects in the works. Read an excerpt from ‘Claiming the Wolf,’ an upcoming paranormal romance featuring werewolves.

Blood of the Gods (Part 5) is in progress and 7 other books are in the que (or waiting to be developed.) Click My Books and view what projects I have on the horizon.

NEW RELEASE – Vampire Tears (A Collection of Poetry)

In this first collection of poetry, Ally Thomas focuses on her love of paranormal creatures, primarily vampires. Think of it as walking through the minds of various vampires. You witness their confessions, their delights, their fears, their trepidations, their doubts, and their tears. Many of the 50 poems, written in free verse, are ‘dark poetry’ and each reveals the vampire’s heart and soul filled with a variety of emotions – regret or rejoice, longing or loving, perhaps anger or rage, and even moments of quiet desperation left unspoken.

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A New Look & Gift Store

Be sure to check out the new look for both my main web sites:

Click the image to view the Vampire from Hell Gift Store.

Click the image to view the Vampire from Hell Gift Store.



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