It was a great first weekend for The Vampire from Hell on Wattpad. Over 200 followers now! Wow!

The story is at #5 in the Vampire category! I never thought it would go that high! I was happy with #11 a day ago.

Seeing it’s been read over 30,000 times is certainly sweet and extremely intimidating. I’m trying not to think on that. I’ve been replying to comments and visit a few people’s pages. Love the platform for sure!

Please revisit Chapters 1-5 in my story at and see the videos I have posted for each chapter. I’ll be adding more. Comments/Votes are still welcomed by the way! Ask me if you need more info on how to do that. Thanks again everyone for the party! It was a blast 😀

Winners of The Vampire from Hell & Wattpad Kickoff Party – link

GAME 1 – 1/29 – Winner Robin R. with 5 Likes for the Birthday game. Robin received a $5 Amazon gift card.
GAME 2 – 1/30 – Winner Agnese K. got Parts 1-4 signed and in paperback for Game 2.
GAME 3 – 1/31 – Winners Joyce V. and Toni P. received a $5 Amazon gift card each in Game 3.
GAME 4 – 2/1 – Winners Lisa G. and Jen M. each won a signed Part 4 paperback with bookmarks.
GAME 5 – 2/1 – Winner Jennifer L. received a $10 Amazon gift card in the last game.

And lastly, Jan N. won the Kindle 2GB in my first Kindle giveaway. Congrats to Jan and all the winners.

I’d like to thank everyone for participating during this 4 day party. It was my first and I thought it went really well.

Thanks again! Have a great week and more is coming soon! Be sure to follow me on Wattpad to see/read updates of my stories –


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