Click the image to view all 78 authors!

Click the image to view all 78 authors!

Welcome to the Coffin Hop 2013!  Over 75 Authors are featured in this hop for Halloween. It’s my first year and I’m really excited about this blog hop! Check out the giveaways and an excerpt from my latest book, The Vampire from Hell Returns (Part 4).

This blog hop begins Oct. 24th and runs through Oct. 31st. More information is available at

Click here to view all the authors and keep hopping! Each author is offering prizes and giveaways. Some are offering one every day!


You can also enter two giveaways I have going on currently.

Click the image to view all 78 authors!

Click the image to view all 78 authors!

My Coffin Hop Giveaway – This Giveaway Ended Oct. 31st

Comment on this blog article and be entered to win The Vampire from Hell Returns (Part 4) as an ebook (Kindle/Nook).

What Do I Do to Enter?

Tell us what you like about this blog hop, any of my books, or sleeping in a coffin if you’re one of the undead. One winner will be randomly selected and announced November 1st. Good luck!

Signed Paperbacks with New Covers Giveaway

Extended through Oct. 31st, you can enter to win all 3 paperbacks, Parts 1, 2, and 3 from my series, The Vampire from Hell. Click here to enter. newcovers_giveaway

About The Vampire from Hell Returns (Part 4)

Blood of the gods has brought a new dimension to Rayea’s life as the vampire from Hell. In the fourth installment of the Vampire from Hell series, Rayea juggles her new responsibilities and starting a relationship with her best friend, Blick. Soon Rayea realizes her sordid past with her family may be catching up with her, and she’s going to have to deal with it once and for all. When two of her friends go missing, she knows she must begin a search to find them. And the first place she has to look? Hell.

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Excerpt from The Vampire from Hell Returns (Part 4)

Engaging my demon sister, Stephanie is some conversation gave me enough time to cut through the ropes that bound my hands with my long nails.  In my grasp, I had the chain that hung behind my back attached to my dog collar.  I was ready.  Typhean seemed to be more concerned with administering pain and probably watching Stephanie prance around in her skimpy outfit than keeping track of where my hands were, which was definitely helpful.  When Stephanie appeared before me, oblivious to my plan, she was ready to show me every article of clothing she and I wore, or the lack of.  I was fairly sure I had on a red version of the outfit she was wearing.  The spiked dog collar was a ridiculous addition, but it didn’t matter.  I wasn’t interested in talking about clothes or fancy shoes with my sister.

When I saw Stephanie’s face leer before me, I made my move.  With all my strength and vampire speed, I pulled the chain upwards.  It gave way and ripped out of the stone floor instantly.  I kicked the chair in the direction of Typhean, hoping he was still standing at my left side.  He dodged the chair and rushed at me.  I yanked off my high heel leather boot and slammed the sharp heel into Typhean’s head.  He fell to the ground.  When I ripped the dog collar from my neck, feeling blood gush down my chest, I wound the chain tightly around my sister’s neck.  I whirled her around to face her snake demons, Lynn, Ashton, and whoever else was in the room.  I wrapped the broken collar around her wrists.  The spikes buried deeply into her snakeskin, holding her secure.  Lacing my right hand around one of her wrists, I drove my own long nails into her flesh.  She stood with her back to me, paralyzed and hopefully humiliated before her subjects.  Your time has come, I thought to myself.

“Release them, Stephanie,” I growled in her ear.  “I’m not playing with you.  Release them now.”

She shook her head and shoulders in a feeble attempt of defiance.  The snakes on top of her head spat and lunged at me, hoping to latch on to my face or arms.  But I had wrapped the chain around them as well, so they were hopelessly caught, yet struggling to get free.

Click the image to view all my books.

Click the image to view all my books.

“Release.  Them.”  I hissed the words in her ear, pronouncing each word like it was a separate sentence.  My rage was escalating, and I refused to stop it.  I glanced over at Lynn and Ashton.  Both had the same expressions on their faces, sizzling revenge with not one ounce of compassion for my sister.  It was the same feeling I had in my heart, my blood, and my soul.  I felt the blood boiling in my veins.  I even noticed that my chest was no longer wet with the blood that had flowed over my body from the puncture wounds.  They had dried.  In this instance, having flammable blood could work in my favor.  If necessary, I could end Stephanie in this one moment.  Should I share that with her?  I thought.  Did she not understand that I was a force to be reckoned with?  I was a vampire of unlimited power!  Then I halted my savage thoughts.  Where was this coming from?

“You’re a killing machine, daughter.”

The words my father had told me when he had turned me into a vampire floated across the room.  Surely spoken by a ghost because my father, Satan was dead, and I had killed him.  Immediately, I heard the mumbling from others as well.

“She’s going to kill her.”

“She’s going to kill her!  She’s going to kill the Queen!”

(This excerpt is from Chapter 2 – Stephanie’s Brouhaha

A brouhaha (pronounced “brew ha ha” and from the French word, brouhaha) means “blessed is he who comes.” It was a phrase uttered by devils or demons in early modern French religious dramas and is a state of social agitation when a minor incident gets out of control, sometimes referred to as an uproar or hubbub. (Source Wikipedia.) In this chapter, the word is used ironically, meaning the “minor” incident is not minor at all.)


Click the image to view all my books on Amazon.

Click the image to view all my books on Amazon.

Free ebook! Start the Vampire from Hell for free. Download “The Vampire from Hell: The Beginning (Part 1)“ The Part 1 ebook actually includes Part 1 and Part 2 – A Vampire Among Angels.

About the Vampire from Hell: The Beginning (Part 1)

According to Rayea, the oldest daughter of Satan, the origin of vampires started in Hell, and it started with her. Here’s her story about how it all began. Rayea isn’t daddy’s little girl, even if he is the most powerful fallen angel around. He wants her to take an active role in the family business. But she’s not interested in his schemes for world domination. Instead she wants to spend her time shopping on the Internet, rescuing humans from a horrific eternity, and practicing martial arts with her seven foot hellhound. Then one day everything changes.

About the Vampire from Hell: A Vampire Among Angels (Part 2)

In the second part of her story, Rayea visits the House of G where she hopes for a new beginning among Blick’s angelic friends, only to discover a vampire from Hell is not welcomed.

About the Author

Ally Thomas loves writing fantasy and paranormal books for that showcase vampires, werewolves, zombies, witches, and any furry monsters who go bump in the night. Her paranormal fantasy series, The Vampire from Hell has been on the Top 100 Amazon bestsellers list in Fantasy since its release in 2011.

***The Vampire from Hell series***

The Vampire from Hell (Part 1) – The Beginning (Free)

The Vampire from Hell (Part 2) – A Vampire among Angels (Free)

The Vampire from Hell (Part 3) – A Vampire on Vacation

The Vampire from Hell (Part 4) – The Vampire from Hell Returns (Now Available)

The Vampire from Hell (Part 5) – Blood of the Gods (In Progress)

Visit her online at

Click the image to view all 78 authors!

Click the image to view all 78 authors!

Click here to view all the authors and keep hopping!

  1. Coffin Hop is great. Great to meet new authors and visit new blogs!
    GIRL Z: My Life as a Teenage Zombie

  2. I so want to win a paperback copy of part 4 of the Vampire from Hell series…….

  3. Happy Hopping! Your books look fabulous!

  4. Great post Ally! So glad you joined this year!!

  5. Michelle Muto says:

    Thanks for the hop! Vampire from Hell. Awesome.

  6. What I like most about the Hop is the chance to catch up with other like-minded morbid folks, and learning about their horror stories, artwork. etc.

  7. agnesekohn says:

    well i really can not leave a comment yet because i just the serie october 27…….i’m sorry im reading the first book now….so far so good….thats all i can say for now….just started…

  8. Cait says:

    Your books look really great, fab excerpts!!

  9. Glad I found the coffin hop! The best thing about sleeping in the coffin is there’s no one to steal all your blanket!

  10. great gift wish i now about the hop

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