I’ve got a new promo pic I made for “The Vampire from Hell Returns (Part 4)” while I’m working on it. Here it is.  Other promo pics are on my Pinterest page at http://pinterest.com/vampirefromhell/part-4-the-vampire-from-hell-returns/ Oh and I included a snippet from the preface of the book too 😀

Part 4 Promo pic

From the Preface

Being undead sometimes sucks.  It really sucks.  Maybe that’s not the best way to start this blog entry, but I’m beyond giving a sh*t about being prim and proper.  I’m a vampire, a Vampire from Hell no less and I should be able to make my own decisions.  The boys, as I like to call the men in my life – J, Death, Michael, Blick, and Ashton – can all take a flying leap off the nearest mountain.

Okay, maybe I should simmer down.  I’ve been through a lot lately and I shouldn’t be upset with the fact that I’m truly dead.  I don’t mean dead as in undead vampire.  I mean dead as in Death escorted me out of the room sort of dead.


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