Happy Halloween – Chapter 1 from Part 4

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Happy Halloween, everyone! I decided today to release two parts of the upcoming installment of the Vampire from Hell series today.  Below is the Chapter 1 and you can click here to read the Preface. Thanks again for being interested in Rayea’s story!

Please remember the version below may or may not be the final version you read in the finished installment.

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I’d like to give special thanks to Mayrose, one of my beta readers for reading some last minute additions to the following chapter. Thank you M!!!


I knew I was working myself into a panic attack as I paced along the beach, but I didn’t care.  Images of Lynn and Ashton tied to chairs as Stephanie waved a gun in their faces flashed before my eyes.  I imagined their faces on the two humans she had killed at point-blank range in front of me in Hell.  I couldn’t recall the others’ faces.  My guilt and anguish washed over me again.  It drove me mad and I stomped my white sneakers into the sand.  I probably looked like an angry duck wishing I could fly away.  This can’t be happening again.  I won’t let her harm them.  Text me Beelzebub.  Text me.  We have to do something now.

To make matters worse, the others were arguing about my plan of action.  I glanced now and then at the over-lining deck jutting out from my mother’s home in Sausalitio, California.  From her home in the San Francisco bay, I had a wonderful view of the Golden Gate Bridge, but it didn’t seem to matter.  Even seeing the sunlight sparkling on the blue water didn’t matter.  Nothing mattered except the endless waiting.  My panic continued to rise.  Typhean, J, Blick, and my mother were discussing the best course of action we had to capture Stephanie, if she was still on Earth.  And it seemed from my vantage point that the discussions were not going well.

Occasionally I overheard their voices float along the breeze.  The words were jumbled and confusing.  But their body language did shed light on the fact that J and Typhean didn’t like each other very much.  It was a realization that I had not considered before.

Growing as curious as a cat, I let my ear click over to that vampire hearing mode.  The suspense was killing me and then I instantly regretted it.

“You know these young vampires are very spirited, Typhean.  You can guide Rayea, but you can’t rule her.  We’re not going back to the ways of my father.  Everyone agreed upon it before I assumed command.”  J’s voice was loud, crisp, and clear.

Typhean’s thin, whiny voice responded immediately, “Yes, of course, J.  I do not mean to go against your greater plan, but I want her to know her place.  You too forget your place.  You are not a god.”

When my phone rang, I jumped.

“How much more time do you have, Ray?”

I sighed when I heard Death’s voice.  It didn’t matter that he was my ex-boyfriend.  Hearing a friendly voice always cheered me up.  The situation on the deck was tense, so I turned my focus to my phone conversation.

“Nine hours and forty-seven minutes,” I replied into the phone.

He laughed.  “Who’s counting right?  You’ll find em, Ray.  I know you will.”

“Who told you?” I inquired.

“J when he got a call from Blick.”

“Where are you?”

“I can’t really say over the phone.  Grace is safe and she’s with me.  I can text you something though that will make you smile.  Can you hang on a second?”

“Sure,” I replied.

When his text message came in, I let out a little squeak, slapped my hand over my mouth, and marveled at the photo.  There she was.  Grace, my first fledgling vampire was alive, smiling back at the camera with a tall, red smoothie in her hand, running her tongue over her newly formed fangs.  She looked like she was posing for a soft drink commercial.  Her strawberry curls framed her face and her large green eyes radiated.

Immediately, I closed the image on my text program and returned to talking to Death.  “That is awesome!  She’s okay then.”

“Yup, she’s doing great.  She woke up a few hours ago really hungry and I’ve been playing Betty nursemaid to make sure she doesn’t get into trouble.  Other than that she’s fine.”

“You a nursemaid?”  I failed to contain my laughter as I temporarily forgot my troubles, facing out towards the ocean, and chatted with a good friend.

“You realize I’d slap you in the back of the head for that remark if I was close by,” he said.

“Absolutely, and I’d deserve it,” I agreed.  “Hey D, promise me you’ll take care of her okay.  We still don’t know where Stephanie is and I fear she may come for Grace at some point.  She’s already got Lynn and Ashton.  If I don’t return, will you take care of her?”

There was a silence on his end of the phone line.  I dug one of my shoes into the sand, feeling the grittiness of the sand slide into the top of my sneaker.  “Ray, you’re not going to die.  We won’t allow it.”  His voice had turned serious.  “Did you really call Beelzebub?”

“I did,” I snapped.  “He’s supposedly looking for them now.”

“Lordy, lordy.  Why didn’t you just call J?”

“Because I’m an idiot sometimes.  I’ll figure out something to bargain with.  Don’t worry.”

“Just don’t let it be your life, Ray.”  Then in the same breath, he asked, “Would you like to speak to her?”

I was about to say that now wasn’t a good time when I heard Grace’s voice on the phone.  She was chuckling into the phone like I had said something funny.  “Rayea, are you there?  Is this thing on?  Demetri, I think I lost the call.”

“Grace, I’m here.  How are you?”

“Oh!  There you are!  Yes, I’m awesome!  I’ve never felt so good in my life.  I wanna go find Nathan and kick his ass.  You know what I mean?  Does this stuff do that to you?  Wow!”


“Yes,” she replied.

“Stay with Demetri for now, okay.  When I am done here, I’ll visit.  We’ll find Nathan together.  Okay?”  I waited for her rapid, chuckling speech to subside.

“Not a problem, chief.  And then can we kill him and go find that snake chic?”

I laughed despite myself.  Since she had been bitten by Stephanie, Grace was not a fan of my sister which was good because neither was I.

“It’s a deal.  Can I talk to Demetri again?” I asked.

“Sure, let me get tall, blond and handsome.  Hold on.”  In the distance I heard her calling for Death who had given her his actual name already.  “Where’s my hottie nursemaid?”

“Yeah?” he said quickly into the phone.

“Sounds like you have your hands full,” I replied.

He chuckled.  “I didn’t want to bring it up because I know you’ve got a lot on your mind, but do you remember acting like a three-year-old on energy drinks when you were turned?”

I thought about it for a few moments recalling my time in the House of G.  “No, actually I was really sick and delirious.  Don’t you remember?  Oh and horny too.  I had sex on Blick’s couch with Michael.  You remember that.”  I added, making a point to not phrase that as a question.  Death was there.  He knew what I meant.

He replied, “Ohhhhh right.  That’s very helpful.  So with your having Ra’s blood now and then giving some to Grace, your blood is purer maybe?”

“Maybe.  I don’t know.  I thought my blood was too strong for humans.  I don’t want to be running around turning all my friends into vampires, you know?  Look, I need to go.”

“I understand,” Death replied.

“Thank you by the way,” I hastily added.

“For what?”

“For taking care of her.  I’m her maker and I should be there while she goes through this.”

“Ray, you should know by now there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you.”

My voice caught in my throat and I returned more of a mumbly grunt into the phone.  Finally I replied, “Thanks.”

“Hey, will you do me a small favor?”

“What?” I asked as I turned around to the house surveying where everyone was.  I noticed Blick was slowly walking down the steps leading towards the beach as the group disbanded.  “Yeah,” I said again into the phone.

“Give Blick a chance, okay?”  He’s more than sweet on you.  Don’t make the same mistake…”  He paused not finishing his sentence.  “Just give him a chance.”

Knowing exactly what Death meant, I snapped back.  “You’re bringing this up now and you know I have my head elsewhere.  I’ll deal with that when I have time, okay?”

His voice came back across the line again like electronic venom lashing out at me.  “You can’t trust people, Rayea.  Jesus Christ, you certainly can’t trust guys!  That’s why it ended.  You wouldn’t love me like I loved you, okay?  Make that same mistake again with this guy and you’ll regret it.  Do you hear me?”

Tears rose in my eyes and I immediately swiveled my feet in the sand so I was facing out to the ocean again, gripping the phone like it was a gun to my head.  Blick was headed my way as I listened to Death’s verbal assault.  I couldn’t let him see me being suddenly distraught.

I heard Death breathe a few times into the phone.  “Okay, I’m a dick.  I admit it, okay?  I’m sorry, Ray.  I’m sorry.  Just think about it.  Will you?”

I nodded in response.  Then realizing that I was on a phone call, I agreed and replied with a ‘yes’ into the phone for Death.

“Okay, I’ll talk to you later.”  The line instantly went dead.

When I stuffed my iPhone in my back pocket, I was ready to kill the first person I could get my hands on.  Obviously it couldn’t be Blick.  I also realized I was thirsty.  Thirsty for water, for blood, for anything, anything but the reality I would have to face some day.  Blick and I needed to sit down and have a long chat.

As I waited for Blick to join me on the beach, I listened to his footsteps approaching and composed myself.  My heart raced and my breathing was starting to become erratic.  I focused and counted down from 10.  By the time I got to 5, I was better.  The trick Blick had taught me of focusing on my breathing to calm myself and think straight was invaluable.  But trying to get my mind to slow down still didn’t work for me, especially if I was hungry.

The thoughts plowed through my head as I stood motionless, watching the water.  Could I reach out to him?  Could I stuff my pride in a box and let him know he was the only reason I looked forward to facing another day?  The extracurricular activities.  They meant nothing in the end.  The other guys meant nothing.  He was the man who held my heart, and soul.

Blick tapped me on the shoulder so gently it felt like a gust of wind had passed near me instead of a person’s touch.

I glanced up and saw him staring down at me, patiently holding two glasses in each hand.  One glass contained red liquid, the other with green.

“Smoothies,” I asked.  I prayed the green smoothie was not for me because I instantly thought of the color of my father’s demon eyes when I saw it.

“Yes.”  He shoved the glass at me.

I stepped back for a moment as the liquid sloshed out of the glass.

“That was a waste of fucking time.  Typhean is being such a prick!  J wants us to take a break to cool down.”

When I heard Blick’s curse word, I almost choked on my smoothie.  Blick did not swear…ever.  I knew this was bad.  I swallowed the liquid quickly and thought, “Of course it’s bad.  I’m on my way home to Hell, and I bet I have to go alone.”

“Okay,” I finally replied.  I remained quiet, watching him inhale the large glass of green whatever.  I paused for a moment still staring up at him.

His gold eyes flashed as he returned my gaze.  I wanted to reach out and grab his hand in mine, but I hesitated.

“You’ll have to change into something more battle-worthy if you have to go.  Can I talk to you while you do, back up at the house?”

“Sure,” I brightened, finishing off my red smoothie.  Not being able to taste any blood was wonderful.  I loved how he made them where I couldn’t taste the metallic-ness.  For a brief second, I thought to ask whose blood I had drunk, but seeing how preoccupied Blick was, I let the question drop.  Instead I went for the comedy relief angle.  “Always trying to get me out of my clothes, hmmm?” I purred.

Reaching out for his hand, he immediately pulled it away.  He clenched his jaw and a vein in his neck spasmed.  “This is work, Rayea.  We don’t have time for that.”  He yanked his fingers through his black hair with both his hands.

Feeling defeated, I assumed the same professional manner with him.  “You bet.  My apologies.  What was I thinking?  I was making a joke to lighten the mood, Blick.  That’s all.  But fuck me, okay.  I’m an idiot.  I get that.”

I stomped past him, feeling one of the laces on my sneakers loosen.  I made a big production about passing in front of him.

“Why don’t you stay here on the beach?  I can dress myself.”

Before I knew it, he pulled me into his arms.  His large height of seven-feet enveloped me and I came face to face with his muscular chest.  His white t-shirt glared in the sunlight.  Thank god, I can’t burn up to a crisp in this sunshine, I thought.  But if I did, Blick’s beautiful chest was the last thing I’d want to see.  Well almost the last thing, I giggled.

I closed my eyes and let Blick hold me.  My mind and body instantly calmed and I sank into his embrace.  No questions asked.  He didn’t say a word as he held me.  He simply rocked me slightly back and forth as he stroked my black hair.  I wanted to collapse into a pile of jelly on the beach before him.

I pushed away from him some to give us a little bit of distance as his hands slowly traveled to rest on my waist.  I felt his strong hands as he laced his fingers in a couple of the belt loops on my blue jeans.  Must this end? I wondered.

“I’m sorry, Blick.  I know this is no laughing matter.  I’ve got to go.  I’ve got to save Lynn and Ashton if it’s not too late.  What did J tell you that I’m not supposed to know?”

“It’s your first mission.  It’s a test.  J said if you save your friends, the council will look favorably on that.  But he wants to explore more options.  He’s making some calls now.”

My eyes grew wide as I listened to him.  “We’re running out of time!”

He nodded.  “I know.  I know.  It’s such bullshit.  I’m so tired of the politics.”

I swallowed hard and let my head fall on his chest.

He continued to rub his hands through my hair, lazily, aimlessly.  It felt like it was an eternity before he spoke again and shattered our bliss.

“I can’t go with you.  I’ve been instructed to stand down on this one.”

My body tightened and I broke our embrace, immediately sobering as reality reared its ugly head again.  I heard a light vibration sound and realized it was Blick’s phone.

He pulled his iPhone from his back pocket and stared at it.  His face reddened slightly.  He muttered a few expletivies under his breath and my heart sank.

“Beelzebub contacted J and made a deal with him.  You’ll accompany Beelzebub to Hell…” He paused, fighting to control his growing rage as he violently stuffed his phone in the back pocket of his jeans.

“Blick,” I whispered.  This time I grabbed his hand, knowing he could very easily rip it off if he changed into his werewolf self in front of me.

“I’m okay,” he grunted and stepped away from me.  Assuming a crouched position, Blick rubbed his hands over the upper portion of his jeans.  Repeatedly he rubbed his hands over his jeans and chewed his lips like he was waiting for a quarterback to hike a football.  Is that some new meditation pose, I wondered?

Suddenly he jerked up and flung his hands out.  “You’ll accompany Beelzebub to Hell as his prisoner.  They agreed it’s the best way to get you in.”

“That’s fucking ridiculous,” I began.  I felt like I had been kicked in the stomach and I was ready to vent to the gods and have a knock down drag out “Oh Hell No” conversation with Blick and anyone else who thought I was going back to Hell like some bound smock.  “No, no way.  No.  No.  No.”

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw that Blick was not trying to calm me down as I made a scene in the sand.  He was fighting to keep his own emotions in check and he simply nodded now and then.

Having always protected me from any and every threat, Blick refused to put me in harm’s way.  He was beyond livid and he detested having to do as J said, especially when it came to my welfare.  Then it dawned on me.  My going to Hell would be harder on him than me.  If I didn’t agree with J and Beelzebub’s deal,  I had to come up with one of my own and freaking fast.

“Can you give me a second please?” I asked.

As Blick wrinkled his eyebrows at me, he asked.  “What are you up to?”

“Just a second.”

“You’re not calling anyone.  Hand me your phone now.”

Blick knew me too well.  I produced my phone from my back pocket and placed it in his hands.  His tan was so lovely.  It made me wonder just how much of his body was or wasn’t tanned.  Momentarily, I thought of asking him if he had any tan lines, but I let the thought drift to the back of my skull.  Later, I surmised.  I can ask him that later.

I stepped away from Blick and faced the water.  I knew he was still close enough in proximity that I could reach for him if necessary.  I used every ounce of vampire speed I had to think of a million scenarios.  I felt the blood from the smoothie race through my veins.  Images flashed before my eyes as I let the possibilities play out in my head like I was playing a hundred chess games at once.  It was a trick I had learned while patiently indulging Typhean in the few fire powers he showed me.  His imagination was weak at best.

I had my own deal with Beelzebub and I was going to hold up my end of the bargain even if he didn’t.  Getting Lynn and Ashton free was my top priority.  Beelzebub could have control of Hell then.  My safety was secondary.  I didn’t want to tell Blick that, but it looked like I was going to have to make a deal with the devil, in this case my sister, if I was going to get my friends out of Hell.  She wanted me.  She didn’t want them.

As I let my body relax, I felt like I could let the images go and disconnect from the telepathy channel I had tapped into.  This time it had been rather easy and I wondered if the red smoothie had anything to do with it.

Then quite suddenly a face assaulted my mind’s eye.  The creature’s green eyes glowed at me in the dark.  He shouted a few times in my direction, but I realized he wasn’t talking to me.  Who was he yelling at?  “Where is she.  Is she with him?  Tell me, human?  Is she?  My daughter should be at my side, not his,” he roared.

“Lynn!” I screamed.

I came to as I saw Blick jolt up from a resting place on the sand.  He tried to grab me by my elbows so I wouldn’t fall, but I fell anyways.  The brief moments of seeing Father again even through my mind’s eye evaporated my strength, but I couldn’t focus on that.  My friends were in danger.

Rayea, Rayea, are you okay?  What?  What is it?”

“Where’s J?  Where is he?  We have to tell him.  Blick, it’s Lynn.  Father has her.  He’s alive.  Father’s alive and he’s looking for me!  We have to do something!  We have to get them out of there!  He’s going to kill them!”

Before I could regain my energy and stand, a searing hot pain crossed over my back like it was on fire.  Shrieking I fell to the ground.  “Blick, Blick,” I gasped.

Typhean’s voice resounded in my head as he entered my body again in the form of the dragon tattoo I had.  “Not Blick, my friend.  Typhean.  The time is at hand.  We must be on our way.  Your father is calling for you and he has reclaimed his throne in Hell.  He wants his daughters at his side.  We mustn’t be late for the party.

The last thing I remembered was gripping the toe of Blick’s tennis shoe as darkness overwhelmed me.


To be continued.

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