Part 4’s Cover Revealed and Chapter 1 Snippet

Posted: October 30, 2012 in Ally Thomas, The Vampire from Hell Returns (The Vampire from Hell Part 4)
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Happy Halloween! Well okay so it’s tomorrow, but I wanted to wish everyone Happy Halloween early and reveal Part 4’s cover, instead of waiting til tomorrow. It is below. I do want to let everyone know that I apologize about the wait on Part 4. I’m working on it currently along with another small writing project with Rayea. Some of you may have heard about it. So I don’t want to set a formal release date for Part 4. I can say that likely it will be live before the end of the year. Enjoy the snippet. More will be available tomorrow.

And thanks again for being such wonderful readers. I know waiting is a frustration for you all and I appreciate your understanding while I juggle real world commitments and my writing projects. Thank you!

A brief snippet from Chapter 1

I knew I was working myself into a panic attack as I paced along the beach, but I didn’t care. Images of Lynn and Ashton tied to chairs as Stephanie waved a gun in their faces flashed before my eyes. I imagined their faces on the two humans she had killed at point-blank range in front of me in Hell. I couldn’t recall the others’ faces. My guilt and anguish washed over me again. It drove me mad and I stomped my white sneakers into the sand. I probably looked like an angry duck wishing it could fly away. This can’t be happening again. I won’t let her harm them. Text me Beelzebub. Text me. We have to do something now.

To make matters worst, the others were arguing about my plan of action. I glanced now and then at the over-lining deck jutting out from my mother’s home in Sausalitio, California. From her home in the San Francisco bay, I had a wonderful view of the Golden Gate Bridge, but it didn’t seem to matter. Even seeing the sunlight sparkle on the blue water didn’t matter. Nothing mattered except the endless waiting. My panic continued to rise. Typhean, J, Blick, and my mother were discussing the best course of action we had to capture Stephanie, if she was still on Earth.

Oh this situation just gets better and better, I thought to myself.

Occasionally I overheard their voices float along the breeze. The words were jumbled and confusing. Without knowing what was being discussed, I knew when I heard Blick’s baritone voice that he was readily disagreeing with the options being considered. Blick always had my back, I mused. My heart fluttered momentarily and I realized I had yet to sit down and have a long chat with him.

When my phone rang, I jumped.
“How much more time do you have, Ray?”
I sighed when I heard Death’s voice. It didn’t matter that he was my ex-boyfriend. Hearing a friendly voice always cheered me up.
“Nine hours and forty-seven minutes.”
He laughed into the phone. “Who’s counting right? You’ll find em, Ray. I know you will.”


The complete Chapter 1 will be available tomorrow on my website.


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