From “The Vampire from Hell Returns (Part 4) – The Vampire from Hell”

This sample may or may not be the final version published on the release date.

Preface – Destination Unknown

When I sat down to write this blog entry, what you are about to read now, I really just typed it in like I was on a very crazy, very scary ride at the fair.  That’s why I want to apologize now and tell you up front that I am okay.  In the course of your reading, you may forget that I told you that fact.  I’ve re-read some parts of the story and I’m still amazed at what happened, what I had to do as one of J’s big ‘training exercises’ for me.  Oh well, it had to be done at some point.  Anyways don’t freak out over this entry.  It’s one of the more scary adventures I have shared with you.

Also I need to briefly mention that sometimes in the grand scheme of things, life throws us challenges we didn’t know we could conquer until we actually have.  I’ve thought about that over the last few months because being a vampire is far more complicated that I ever would have expected.  Being a vampire (typically thought of as an evil creature) who fights for the good guys instead of the bad guys is what I want to do, but I know now that sometimes it comes with sacrifices.  I still silently grieved for those we’ve lost.

Additionally I’m a maker now.  I realize that means I am a big sister or mother figure to my fledglings, but I don’t like to think of it that way because I’m not old enough in human years to be a mom.  I don’t get wrapped up in the age discussion because usually I can’t walk up to a god or angel and inquiry how old they are.  And i don’t want to bring light to the fact that I am only twenty-three.  I guess I’ll forever be twenty-three.  That age, and even Grace’s age of 19 is still young in my book, but it is what it is as Lynn would say and I can’t be guilty about who I have made into vampires.

Either way being a maker now means I’m ultimately responsible for everyone who has drunk my blood.  No one told me that.   Not that I had my father to teach me, or have wanted him to teach me anything.  I don’t think of my father, Satan as a great role model.  That’s why having J as a guide or mentor has been a plus for me.  Somehow he just knows a lot about ‘supernatural beings.’  He rarely uses the word ‘vampire’ anymore.  His advice on how to be a smart, yet a kind maker has helped me a great deal with Grace.

She is the second person I made.  Really she’s the first because I don’t count Michael’s drinking my blood without my knowledge, but J does, and the Council does, so I understand their point.  I now understand that turning a person into a vampire has to be an up close and personal experience.  It has to be with someone whose system can handle the intensity too.  Not everyone, especially humans, can drink my blood and survive.

Grace, oddly enough, did survive and she has proven to be an excellent vampire.  We have become good friends, despite the rocky beginning we had.  She is now romantically involved with my ex-boyfriend, Demetri  whom you have heard me refer to as Death in my writings.  He’s the Angel of Death, so it fits him.  I didn’t know until recently that he doesn’t like being called Death.

I am good friends with him, as I am with most of my past lovers, so that didn’t sit well with Grace in the beginning.  I didn’t realize that until Blick brought it up.  He’s quick to remind me when I’m getting out of line.  I seem to have several people in my life who want to look after me.  It’s like having a set of friends who essentially become your real family.  When I want to get an attitude about it and bite someone’s head off, I try to remember that I’m really lucky to have them in my life.

I’m trying to get beyond the fact that I am a vampire forged out of Hell.  As many of you know, I was turned when I was forced to drink my father’s blood.  And yes, while I would love to say he is not my father, Satan, also known as the fallen angel Lucifer, is my father.  Hmmph.  I roll my eyes at that notion.  You know what I mean.  It sickens me to think about it.  He was never a true father in any sense of the word.  I say this as I raise one eyebrow at my laptop screen and momentarily flash my fangs for any onlookers.  It’s a new adventure every day with being a daughter of Satan.  You’ve read these blog entries.  You understand.

That ‘flashing my fangs’ comment may startle you, but don’t worry about my being discovered as a vampire in my current setting.  I’m not among humans on Earth while I type this.  I’m at work, and even though I travel some, protecting the world from any evil threats, I stay in close contact with my friends on Earth.  It’s one of J’s request as part of my job.  ‘Surface monitoring’ he calls it.  Yes, somedays my life as a vampire warrior isn’t all that glamorous.  Other days?  It’s more excitement than I bargain for, but my writing is an outlet I enjoy and it keeps me sane.  With publishing my stories online you get to hear about it too.  Trust me.  The day may come when you’ll be glad of that fact, and you’ll know to pay attention to those odd little things that don’t seem right in your community.

Let’s just hope that the two words ‘zombie’ and ‘apocalypse’ are a figment of my imagination, and it does not have to become a reality for you.  I have warned my sister.  There will be Hell to pay if she messes with any of you ever again.


The Vampire from Hell


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