Author Spotlight…Ally Thomas

Posted: September 14, 2012 in blog tours, The Vampire from Hell (Part 3) - A Vampire on Vacation

Alexandra Anthony, author of the Vampire Destiny series featured me on her blog today, including an excerpt from my latest book, The Vampire from Hell (Part 3): A Vampire on Vacation. Read the article below.

I’m lucky enough to have one of my favorite Independent Authors, Ally Thomas stop by to answer some questions and give us an excerpt from her Vampire From Hell Series.

Now, without further ado, here’s Ally…

In one or two sentences, give the core premise behind your story.

The description I wrote for the first part of my series, The Vampire from Hell sums it up best. Rayea is the oldest daughter of Satan and she feels the origin of vampires started in Hell, and it started with her. Rayea isn’t daddy’s little girl, even if he is the most powerful fallen angel around. He wants her to take an active role in the family business. But she’s not interested in his schemes for world domination. Instead she wants to spend her time shopping on the Internet, rescuing humans from a horrific eternity, and practicing martial arts with her seven foot hellhound. Then one day everything changes. She’s turned into a vampire by her father.

Read more at Alexandra’s blog.

Thanks again to Alexandra for featuring me on her blog!


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