Samples from “Fanged Destiny” Released

Posted: July 24, 2012 in Fanged Destiny (Fanged Love #1), samples, The Vampire from Hell series

Announcing Fanged Love, a Paranormal Romance Series by Ally Thomas

If you’ve read  “A Vampire on Vacation – The Vampire from Hell (Part 3),” then you have met Grace, a new character who Rayea attempted to save after the girl stabbed herself many times.  Grace has a terrible boyfriend who wants to be a vampire. But his idea of a cool vampire is something like Stephanie, if you get my meaning. Her fate remains uncertain but J has stepped in and is taking her to his new house. Death is asked to join them.

Be sure you read the freebie “Fanged Love: The Prequel” to find out more about Grace and her not-so-nice boyfriend, Nathan.

Fanged Destiny (Fanged Love #1)

These excerpts are included in “A Vampire on Vacation – The Vampire from Hell (Part 3)” which was released earlier this month. Go to My Books for where to download it.

(Releasing Spring 2013)

The first installment in the new Fanged Love series, “Fanged Destiny” begins with a tale about Grace, a naive human led astray by her sinister boyfriend, Nathan into a world of bloodletting and vampirism. Grace plans to escape the clutches of her boyfriend as she learns he is selling her to the top buyer, a woman he met on the internet called the new Medusa. Her plan quickly goes wrong when the Angel of Death shows up, telling her she has sent for him. A few characters you have met in the Vampire from Hell series pop in this new series.

Samples from Fanged Destiny

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3 (A partial of Chapter 4 is included as well.)

If you’d like to follow updates about this new series, join me at “Fanged Love series by Ally Thomas” on Facebook.


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