Character Spotlight – The Twins

Posted: November 10, 2011 in Characters of the Vampire from Hell series, The Cast

Coming up with creepy-looking characters was somewhat difficult for me until I had a friend send me this pic.

This skull photo inspired my idea for what Stephanie’s children (the Twins) would look like in Part 2. Scary!

Because I decided to dress Stephanie in black leather, I thought her children wearing matching leather pants would compliment their appearance.

(I love that scene in Part 2 when Blick decides he’s had enough of hanging out with the Twins *insert evil wink here*)

We’ll find out more about Stephanie’s other children, the Death Serpents, as the series develops. I thought of an idea for how she may give birth to her children, and it’s gross! I’m hoping to have that idea finalize for Part 4.


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