Character Spotlight – Rayea

Posted: November 10, 2011 in characters, Characters of the Vampire from Hell series

What does Rayea, the Vampire from Hell look like? My idea originally was a cross between the actress, Angelina Jolie and Amy Lee, the lead vocalist for the band, Evanescence. But I think now it leans more towards the musician.

Here’s my idea of what Rayea looks like before she is turned into a vampire and after.

Before she’s turned…

After she’s turned…

  1. dawn says:

    I love the vampie from hell series!!!!! I’m gonna read it over whil Im trying to find #4. Hasn’t comeup in searches but also going on to Fanged L♡VE. Thanx & please keep going:-)

    • ally thomas says:

      Thanks for reading it, Dawn! I’m so glad you liked it. Part 4 is in progress right now and not out yet. I’m expecting a March release. Fanged Love’s followup will be later this summer. Thanks again!

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