The Medusa look-alike (Excerpt from “A Vampire Among Angels: Part 2”)

Posted: October 12, 2011 in A Vampire among Angels, Excerpts from The Vampire from Hell series

Chapter 10

“Michael, no!”  I raced to meet him on the gymnasium floor.  “Get behind me!”

“What?  What are you talking about?”

Baring my fangs, I glared at him.  “Get behind me now, please!”

“Well, well, well.”

Had I not recognized her voice, I wouldn’t have known that the creature coming towards us was Stephanie.

“Who’s that?!  What the…?  She looks like Medusa,” Michael breathed.  I heard him flip the safety on his M16 rifle.

“That’s my sister.  And I wouldn’t tell her that she looks like Medusa, if I were you,” I whispered.

“She probably already knows,” he replied.

I groaned and braced myself for a very messed up family reunion.  “What brings you to these parts, Stephanie?  You’re looking well.”  I yelled at her, wondering if my sarcasm would piss her off.

She laughed and it reverberated through the gym – a low, nasty guttural sound, a truly demonic sound.

Michael and I stood alert, waiting for her to cross the floor.

“Be ready for anything,” I said, unsnapping the fasteners that held the shotguns strapped to my legs.  Michael’s Medusa comment was dead-on.

Instead of hair, Stephanie had snakes twisting and twirling on her head, some arched high above her skull, others hung at eye level.  She wore a black leather bra and matching panties with leather boots that climbed all the way to her upper thighs.  A boa constrictor wound around her shoulders like a feather boa.  It raised its head occasionally to let her pet it on the forehead.

“What happened to her?” Michael asked.

My eyes had widened in surprise.  “I have no idea.  That is a new look for her.”

“I see,” Michael muttered, checking to make sure the sword stuffed in a black sheathe on his back was ready to use.

“Miss me, sis?” Stephanie hissed.  “It’s been a long time.”

I decided that if I took an aggressive approach with her, we could find out quicker what she wanted and how the hell she had found her way into Blick’s training center.  I straightened my back and held my head up high.  “I think I can speak for everyone when I say you’re not welcome here.”

Again she laughed.  “You are fucking hilarious.  You think you own the place now, don’t you? Bitch!”


“Ahhh, someone has developed some colorful language to go with that attitude,” she mused.

Opening my mouth wide, I showed her my long fangs.

“Oh yeah?”  She threw her head back and revealed her fangs.  Her mouth was a cluster of inch wide, razor sharp incisors pushing out from every part of her gums, top and bottom.  Shark teeth.  Suddenly a high pitched sound came from her throat and a small black snake peaked its head out.  Stephanie moaned as the snake slid over her tongue, out of her mouth, jerking at one point when it realized it couldn’t go any further.  It remained attached to the back of her throat with its tail and swayed back and forth in front of her face.  The snake’s head grew in size, close to the width of Michael’s broad shoulders.  It shrieked at us and bared its fangs.  Hanging over its snow white mouth, its fangs were twelve or thirteen inches at least.

Well there’s the big snake head.  That’s no nightmare.  That’s real.

Michael took a step back.  “What are we dealing with here?

I heard his thought sail across my mind.

Something straight out of Hell,” I replied telepathically.  What if Hell looked like this?  Teaming with snakes everywhere, creatures turned beyond recognition from their former demon selves?  A real freak show.  I shuttered to visualize it.  I hated to admit it, but I despised snakes.

Stephanie composed herself, swallowing the snake after it grew small again and retreated into her mouth.  She licked her lips and made a yummy sound.

I felt nauseated and longed for my holy water.  It didn’t help much that her skin had changed from green to a dingy yellow.

“Enough with the pissing contest, sis.”  She paused for a moment.  Then in a silky, friendly voice, she continued, “I’m delighted to see you.  Do you like my new look?”  Her reptilian eyes glowed for a few moments before returning to their dull mossy green color.

“It suits you,” I replied flatly.  Without trying to stare, I surmised that instead of her skin being covered with snake-skin patterns, she actually had acquired snake scales all over her body.  If she was drinking Father’s blood, it had really done a number on her.

Noticing the black commando outfit I wore, which was similar to Blick’s and Michael’s, she asked, “What look are you going for?”

“Snake killer,” I offered.

“You may be the first vampire out of Hell, but I’m the first Death Serpent, first of many,” she lashed back at me.

“How lovely for you,” I replied.  “Father must be very proud of you.”

She paused for a moment, wrestling with her anger.  Then she looked at a side door and smiled that sadistic smile she got from Father.  “He is actually.  I’ve been searching for you, you know.  Father has a message for you.”

“Whatever it is, I’m not interested.”

“Sure you are, sis.  Oh, I forgot to mention.  You’re an aunt!  I’d like you to meet two of my children.”  She whistled in the direction of a set of doors near where we had gathered.

Michael, don’t.  It’s Blick.  She has him.”  I sent the thought as quickly as I could, hoping he didn’t make any sudden moves, and hoping my gut feeling was wrong.

“Say hello to my twins,” Stephanie said.

A side door in the gym opened.  Two tall, muscular figures entered.  They weren’t children, but adults with bare chests, wearing only black leather pants and combats boots.  Their human skin was puke yellow like Stephanie’s,
but smooth, almost shiny, not scaly.  Their bald heads displayed sharp bony spikes protruding from their skulls like Mohawks made of porcupine quills.  Both held onto thick silver chains thrown over their shoulders as they dragged something, or someone, into the gym.  Instantly, I denied any family association to them.

The voice inside my head said, “If that is your pup, I’ll kill her myself.

My sentiments exactly, I thought, as Michael and I waited.  I knew by the way Michael was standing at attention with his back rigid, tightly holding his gun that he felt the same way.

“Your mutt was running around lose, so I brought him back to you.  He’s been a bad boy.”

Blick was gagged and shackled.  He could barely walk.  They had beaten him severely.  His face was bruised and swollen, and he had gashes and bite marks all over his face, chest, and arms.  He too was bare from the hips up, with no
black military jacket or t-shirt.  His weapons were missing as well.  Only his pants remained on him and the material on his front legs was clinging to him, wet with blood.

“You’re speechless, aren’t you, you sassy fuckhead?” Stephanie gloated.

“Let him go now!” Michael demanded, stepping forward slightly.

“Consider yourself dead,” I said, reaching for both of my sawed-off shotguns strapped to my legs.  I could hear the bridled anger in my voice. I would rip her apart for what she’d done to Blick.

Noticing my struggle, Michael sent a thought to my mind.  “Rayea, don’t let your emotions distract you.  It’ll cloud your judgment!” He resumed his position at my right side, shifting his appearance to a cold, frigid demeanor.  I assumed I could bounce nails off his golden chest if needed.

“You don’t like your nephews, do you?” Stephanie asked.  “As I said, Father is pleased.  I found a real use for the new arrivals.  We are thinking of returning some to Earth, if it comes to that.”

Dear God, what did she mean?  Was she going to send creatures like that to Earth?!

She repositioned the boa constrictor on her shoulders and giggled as it explored the inside of her cleavage with its tongue.

Ignoring Michael completely, Stephanie pointed at Blick and addressed me.  “This is what we do to traitors.  Once the poison takes hold, he’ll be of no use to you anymore.  You should be thanking me.”

“Have you been snacking on him?”  I spat the words out, almost choking on my own fury.

Gently, she hoisted the large boa constrictor over her shoulders and laid it on the wooden floor.  Now ignoring my question, she replied, “Father misses you.  He wants you to come home.”  She used the fake, friendly voice that was
starting to get on my nerves.

“How many times did you bite him, Stephanie?”  I asked through clenched teeth, attempting to get a straight answer out of her before I lost my cool.  From the swelling on Blick’s face and upper torso, it was apparent that their bites were venomous, like snake bites.  I had no idea how much poison was now coursing through Blick’s veins.

She continued to pet her boa constrictor for what seemed like an eternity.  Finally she said, “You don’t belong here.”

The snake coiled itself into a massive heap, flashing it forked tongue every few seconds in my direction as if it was agreeing with her comments.  It was fifteen feet long if it was a foot.  An image of the monstrous snake from my nightmares entered into my brain.

Then the low ringing sound I’d heard earlier returned, and I knew Blick was trying to contact me.  He ate through the gag and began struggling in his chains.  The twins directed their attention to him, not really sure what to do unless their mother instructed them.  They held onto the chains tightly as Blick resisted.

Suddenly the hairs on the back of my neck stood at attention.  The possibility of another presence registered with me.  I understood what Blick was hoping to tell me, even though his thoughts were garbled.  I prayed he was wrong.  As quickly as I could, I sent a message to Michael.  “Get Blick out of here now!

I’m not leaving you,” Michael rapidly returned the thought to me as he glanced down at me.

Then be ready,” I replied telepathically to him.

In the same sappy, sweet voice Stephanie had used with me, I said, “You’re right dear sister, I may not belong here.  I do have a message for Father actually.  Will you relay it to him?  Hmmm?”

She scoffed at my pretentious behavior, but I knew I had her attention.  She and the snake both looked directly at me.  The snake raised up its head, gazing into my direction as if it could understand me.  That’s when I knew Blick was right.  “Tell Father he can go fuck himself,” I said.

Seconds after I threw my insult to Stephanie, I relayed a command of engagement to Blick and Michael.

Michael followed my lead and raised his weapon the same time I did.  We took aim at Stephanie.

She froze, calculating her next move.  A glint of fear registered across her scaly face.  Her green eyes darkened with apprehension.

Just as Blick broke his chains, he roared with renewed energy and shifted into his hellhound form. He grabbed both twins by the throat, lifting them high into the air.  They wiggled about like goth rag dolls in his embrace.

“If you or your snake makes one move…”  I didn’t finish my threat.  Stephanie knew what I meant.

“Don’t let him hurt them,” she squeaked.  She gripped her own throat in horror and I wondered why she did not release the creature she had shown us earlier.  She was actually afraid.

As the twins continued to struggle, Blick grew more and more angry.  His eyes blazed and he growled mercilessly at them, shaking them as their legs dangled wildly.  His size enlarged.  His arms, chest, and legs expanded until he
looked like he was a massive wolf standing some twelve feet tall on his hind legs, pumped up on steroids.  The Lycan-Underworld-movie look Blick had had as a hellhound was now far more savage, far more terrifying.

All of us stood watching in shock as Blick’s transformation continued.  Out of the corner of my eye, I caught a glimpse of Stephanie’s snake. Even it was staring at Blick in disbelief.  The snake reared its head higher in defiance,
nudging Stephanie with its nose to engage. She let out a helpless moan when Blick’s rage mounted and he began slamming the twins into the wooden floor over and over.  I thought of an alley cat playing with its mouse, enjoying the frenzy of the moment until the prey stopped responding.

Michael and I took the opportunity to slowly move in between Blick and Stephanie, so we could protect him with gun fire if Stephanie advanced towards him.  I was anticipating her pulling the snake-in-the-throat trick again.  But with seeing the look of sheer terror on her face, I didn’t think she would do that. Just the same, I cautiously guarded Blick, knowing I couldn’t trust her at all.

Finally I heard a loud thud as the twins were smashed into the gym floor once last time.  I had my back to Blick and the lifeless twins when I heard him howl.  A stab of fear shot down my spine.  Only one word came to mind when I heard the purely primal scream.  Werewolf.

My voice broke the silence as Blick resumed to huff and puff calmly behind us.  “Take your snake and leave this place, Stephanie.”

She screamed at us and ran towards Blick.

Michael and I fired upon her.

Stephanie dodged the bullets and whirled out of our range.  “This isn’t over, your fucking cunt,” she screeched at me as she raced away, leaving her snake behind.  She and the broken bodies of the twins suddenly vanished into a cloud of green smoke.  A smell of dead skunk lingered in the air.

Again I sent a plea to Michael.  “Please get Blick out of here.  I’ll take care of the snake.  Just get out of here!

Seeing the boa constrictor as a little threat, Michael asked, “Do you want my sword?”

“No,” I answered.  “I think my machetes will do the job just fine. I’ll catch up with you guys later.”

Without saying another word, Michael disappeared with Blick a moment later.

I breathed a sigh of relief.


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