Hi Sis text [Part 2 Sample]

Posted: September 6, 2011 in A Vampire among Angels, samples

A Vampire Among AngelsI’ll be wrapping up revisions on Part 2 very soon and sending it off to the publisher, so I thought I’d put a last snippet of Part 2 out for you guys to read. And just fyi, a huge thanks to everyone for waiting so long for this part. I promise you won’t have to wait as long for the next two!

Sample from Chapter 9 of “A Vampire among Angels – The Vampire from Hell: Part 2

“What is it?!” Michael exclaimed.

I felt my golden tan I’d received from J’s mental touch drain from my face. I couldn’t speak, so I held my phone up to Michael. Fear had reared its ugly head again along with someone else from my past.

He sat by me on the bench, grabbing the phone. “Who has a number starting with 666?”

“Read the text,” I whispered.

“Hi sis,” Michael said. His brows drew together in concern. “I don’t like this.”

“She’s here. I know it. She’s here,” I repeated, panicking and clutching his arm. I refused to budge from the bench.

He forced the phone in my hand. “Rayea, I highly doubt that, but we need to find Blick and get out of here.”

Quickly he stood up and looking around the two of us, he sighed, “Stay here. I’ll go find him. I think we’re done for now.” He strolled closer to the center of the massive gym, calling Blick’s name.

I stuffed my phone in my back pocket, attempting to remain calm. A low ringing sound like a buzzing began in my ears. I remained still, concentrating on the sound. It was a faint signal Blick had taught me long ago, a whisper, an echo from afar that surfaced in my mind and said, “Run.”

Please Note: The sample above may or may not be the final version that is included in the edition of “A Vampire Among Angels (The Vampire from Hell #2)” on the release date.

For details on when Part 2 will be out, click here.


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