Enter Death (Part 2 Sample)

Posted: August 24, 2011 in A Vampire among Angels, samples, Thank You

A Vampire Among AngelsTwo fans emailed me this morning and it’s always GREAT to hear that people enjoyed Part 1, so I thought I’d put a snippet of Part 2 out for you guys to check out.

Sample for the Prologue of “A Vampire among Angels – The Vampire from Hell: Part 2

“Irritated with his mocking tone, I recalled why I had broken up with him. Ultimately, I had known my dating an employee associated with Father’s business would be trouble. At the time, Death had a bad boy image I loved. Maybe that’s why I did it, to get back at Father. Actually Father had approved of him and that only exasperated the situation. Death always thought of me as a spoiled daddy’s girl, being favored since I was part of the top floor of the organization as he put it. He loved reminding me of that fact, how good I had it. If he only knew… Since our relationship was primarily physical, I kept my guard up and resisted sharing details about myself with him. For example, I didn’t tell him what I felt like after Father’s torture sessions: ashamed, angry, disgusted, broken, fearful, and above all, unlovable.”

For details on when Part 2 will be out, click here.


Below are other samples from the second installment of the Vampire from Hell series called “A Vampire Among Angels.”

Sample 1: Blood and Sex (from the Prologue)

Sample 2 – Satan’s Demons

Sample 3 – Blick in White Sneakers

Sample 4 – Enter Death

Sample 5 – Hi Sis text


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