UPDATE 7/3/11: It’s shocking to say this, but I still pinch myself when I see Part One continue to be downloaded so many times. An overall total thusfar is around 8,000 times. Thanks again to all my readers who are checking it out and emailing me to let me know you like it. More is on the way, and again THANK YOU for your support and interest in Rayea’s story.

THANK YOU!!! Part One of my first book, The Vampire from Hell: The Beginning, has been downloaded over 400 times so far! I just wanna say thank you to everyone who’s checked it out. I’m blown away with your interest and feeback! Keep it coming!

A Vampire among Angels- Part 2 in the Vampire from Hell series is in the final stages of revisions and coming soon.

  1. Carl Wells says:

    I downloaded your book (The Vampire from Hell) because it was free and I’m into things like vampires. But I am deffinately hooked. I don’t usually read stuff from a new author (new as in new to me). Is The Vampire from Hell: the Beginning that I downloaded from BN (for free), the complete story or is it just a small portion of a much larger or rather much longer book? I would really like to know when and where I can get further ebooks for this story. Thanks for writing the story it was refreshing.

    • ally thomas says:

      Thanks for the email and your kind words, Carl! I’ve got 3 more books in the Vampire from Hell series coming out. Two will be out this year and the 4th will be in Spring 2012. Each will be 99 cents, and they’ll be longer than Part 1, of course. The Beginning: Part 1 started as a short story I wrote. After I got it published and realized a lot of people enjoyed reading it, I got to work on writing more for the series. The free download has been downloaded over 8,000 times now, so I had no idea it would be so popular 🙂 It’s awesome to see! The next book in this series is called “A Vampire Among Angels (The Vampire from Hell #2)” and it will be released later this summer. Here’s the blurb, if you want to check it out. https://thevampirefromhell.wordpress.com/2011/05/16/a-vampire-among-angels-coming-soon/
      Thanks for reading Part 1, by the way! You can keep up with book updates on my website – http://www.allythomas.com or at my facebook page – http://www.facebook.com/#!/ally.thomas11
      My books will be available on Barnes & Noble, Amazon, GoodReads, and Smashwords.com to name a few.

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