Blood and Sex (Part 2 Sample)

Posted: June 3, 2011 in Excerpt from The Vampire from Hell, samples, The Vampire from Hell series

I’m currently in the process of writing Part 2 of the Vampire from Hell and I thought it would be fun to share snippets from different chapters as we get closer to the release date. This section is from the Prologue where Rayea discusses the two items she struggles to get a handle on: blood and sex. Let me know what you think 🙂

A Vampire Among Angels (The Vampire from Hell #2) will be published later this summer.

A Vampire Among Angels“In one gulp, I swallow the mixture and lower my head so no one sees my reaction.  I close my eyes to hide the fact that they have changed to a volcanic orange.  I breathe slowly and let the orgasmic rush of satisfaction flow through my veins.  Soon that warm and fuzzy feeling I get when I drink blood, even a drop, subsides.

The sour, bitter taste of the tea remains in my mouth, but the sweetness of the blood has revitalized me.  While it’s an acquired taste I’m still getting used to, I find it to be a better solution to sustain my hunger than asking a human for a nibble on their neck.  I can’t do that, now can I?  Luckily, that one cup of nourishment can last me several weeks, if I maintain my focus on anything but blood or sex.

Controlling the bloodlust is a lot like controlling one’s desire for sex I’ve learned.  If I keep myself from thinking about either activity, I can ignore the fact I’m hungry or ready to pounce on a guy until my body demands I act on it.  It’s a tricky approach, and so far I’ve been successful at it.  Well I should say I’ve been mostly successful.  I don’t have a hundred percent track record with those endeavors, I regret to say.”


Below are other samples from the second installment of the Vampire from Hell series called “A Vampire Among Angels.”

Sample 1: Blood and Sex (from the Prologue)

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  1. sue gadbois says:

    loving it. i want to read more of it! thank you.

  2. ally thomas says:

    Thanks, Sue! I’m steadily working on it 🙂 Stay tune!

  3. Jenni Scully says:

    Looking forward to the next installment!

  4. Lettie says:

    I read the first and was amazed! I love it! I can’t wait fir this one!!

  5. Can’t wait for this to come out….

  6. Faith Daniel says:

    YYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait! I was constantly checking Amazon for the release date for part two.But now that I know it due to be released in August I can’t stop jumping up and down and wishing for time to pass by faster. My birthday is in August and all of my favorite authors are releasing books that month. Which makes this years birthday 100 times better. Looks like I’m going to spend a lot of time on Amazon this August!!!

  7. wendy smiith says:

    Omg now i want more. I have waited to see what reyea would do next

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