The Vampire from Hell is at Amazon!

Posted: April 9, 2011 in My Journey into the Indie Publishing World, The Vampire from Hell series

Part 1 is on AMAZON as a Kindle eBook! If you guys hear a little scream of joy, it’s just me. The Vampire from Hell finally made it to Amazon. It’s .99. They wouldn’t let me sell it for free.

Check it out and if you’ve read it and liked it, add a review or click the “Like” please.

This first installment has been getting great reviews and lots of downloads on Barnes and Noble, Sony, and Apple iBooks as well as Smashwords! I had no idea it would be so popular and so well-received. I’m working on Part 2 as we speak, so more is coming! See What People Are Saying.

Thanks again for the interest and support! You guys ROCK!!


  1. Marlene says:

    I just finished reading part one of this book I love it I can’t wait till part two comes out. You are such a good writer I love your work.

  2. ally thomas says:

    Hi Marlene! Thanks for your kind words. You are very sweet. I’m glad you liked Part 1! The next book called Rayea’s Revelation (which will be longer) will be released late summer. After that, I have two more books in the series coming out.

  3. Kaylee mccarl says:

    Omg I love your book I dont wanna stop reading cant wait for part two 😉 !!!!!

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