A Vampire Among Angels (Part 2) – Coming Soon!

Posted: March 12, 2011 in The Vampire from Hell series, vampires, writing

The Vampire from Hell – A Vampire Among Angels (Part 2) continues this summer.

Living a life with an overbearing father can be a challenge.  For Rayea who’s father is the fallen angel, Lucifer, it’s been torture. In the second installment of the Vampire from Hell series, Rayea finds peace when she visits the House of G.  There she hopes for a new beginning among Blick’s angelic friends, only to discover a vampire from Hell is not welcomed.

You’ll be able to download it first at Smashwords.com, GoodReads, and Amazon. It will be linked to my Smashwords Profile, my GoodReads Profile, and my Amazon Author Page.

SPECIAL NOTE: On June 5th, I decided to change the title for the second installment from “Rayea’s Revelation” to “A Vampire Among Angels.”


The second installment of the Vampire from Hell series is well into production. I’m currently in the process of writing, editing, polishing, writing, editing, polishing (you get the idea) and I thought it would be fun to share a few snippets from different chapters as we get closer to the release date.

Sample 1: Blood and Sex (from the Prologue)

  1. Ivy says:


    I just red The Vampire From Hell on my iPad and I must say that I can’t wait for book #2!

  2. Kayla says:

    I can’t wait!

  3. Monika says:

    I read the book a few days ago and I just loved it and I can’t wait until the next book in series come out

  4. Monika says:

    Wow I cant wait to read the full text

  5. Sondra says:

    Is “A vampire among angels ” going to be free like a vampire from hell ?

    • ally thomas says:

      Hi Sondra,
      That’s a great question. The next two installments in the Vampire from Hell series will actually be 99 cents each. “A Vampire among Angels – Part 2” will be out at the end of next month and will be a longer read (about 40,000 words – 150 pages). than Part 1 😀


  6. anthony roig says:

    ive read part 1 and i loved it and im waiting for part 2 but its killing me i can’t wait for it the ending of part 1 was so quick and im waiting badly to get into the second 1 😛 but i really loved part 1 and how bick is a demon dog awsm lol

  7. Isryel says:

    Where can I read Part 2 is it out yet?!=)

  8. Marianna says:

    i just read part 1, and it was very good, ty for not shelving the idea and not listening to others. I was just reading the beginning of fanged love. I so glad you went with this idea. I cant wait to read more.

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