Hitting the Kitty Cat Lottery

Posted: March 12, 2011 in my pets

“Alley Alex” is a nickname for the cat I was rescued in 2005. He was 4 months old, abandoned in a parking lot near an alley with every leg broken, except one. Many friends think Alex is named after Alexander Skarsgard since I’m a fan of Eric Northman of True Blood. I don’t overly deny it, but Alex was actually named after Alexander the Great. I thought that he needed a warrior’s name, a strong name. So maybe it does fit actually. If you watch True Blood, you know Eric is a BAMF and not a vampire to mess with. 🙂

Check out videos of his progress as Alex healed from February 2005 to May 2005. He “hit the kitty cat lottery” as my husband called it. Oddly enough, I got laid off from a 4 year job that month in February and reserved a large severance package which was a gift from the gods indeed. Healing Alex took right at $3,000 in vet bills.  If you see photos of Alex or my other animals on my website, don’t mind them. I refer to my two cats and dog as my co-workers since I primarily work from home if I’m not traveling.

My Cat Alex Walking

My Cat Alex Playing

My Cat Alex Limbing

My Cats Alex and Fuzzy Playing

My Cat Alex Healed…I love you…camera!


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