The Vampire from Hell is now a NOOKBook

Posted: March 5, 2011 in My Journey into the Indie Publishing World, publishing, The Vampire from Hell series, vampires, writing
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You can now download Part One of the Vampire from Hell at the Barnes & Noble eBook store.

Other eBook retailers that have launched Part One today include: 

  • Sony – $0.00
  • Diesel – $0.00
  • Praise for The Vampire from Hell on B&N

    “I am already completely enthralled with the plot and characters in this story. Absolutely the best good versus evil fiction I have ever read. The idea that satan would have a child rebel against him, and love man kind, thats genius. I hope to see very much more from this author and especially concerning these characters and storyline. Thank you for the free short, I will gladly pay for more work of this superior quality. Well done!” – Joe V. N.C.

    “I loved this part of the book. I can’t wait for the rest to come out. I am willing to pay for this amazing book. For a free short book, I think this is an awesome book. If you love vampires, you should check this out, even if you don’t like them :)” – coolguy158

    “This was a great short read. I can’t wait to see more and find out what happens.”- Anonymous

    Click here to view all reviews posted so far at Barnes and Noble.


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